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Who we are and what we do.


Stichting 4 en 5 mei Weert” (the foundation) was formed on June 13, 2017. The purpose of which was to stimulate, help and also financially support the national remembrance day of May 4, the remembrance of the liberation of Weert of September 22, and the celebration of the liberation day of May 5. The foundation also works in cooperation with the Comite Bevrijding en Herdenkingen, Weert (the committee).

The committee was set up in 2006 and on March 1 2012 the mayor and councillors of Weert formalized the committee as a council committee. The committee is responsible for the management of the activities surrounding the remembrance and liberation days of may 4 and 5, and September 22.

This policy concerns the period 2021 to 2025, and is reviewed on a yearly basis and updated as necessary.

Mission statement

The Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei has had in the past the themes: “Freedom does not naturally occur”, “Together we must celebrate freedom” and “Pass on freedom”. The theme for 2021 is, “After 75 years of freedom”.

Seventy five years have elapsed since the terrible occurrences that happened during the Second World War, That gives us now the reason to ask: ‘After 75 years, what do we stand for in Weert?’

Therefore the foundation would like to introduce to all, especially children and young people, the knowledge of the traditions of commemoration and celebration. Also invite them to think about justice, democracy, and freedom. We will try to interpret and explain the history of the Second World War, and the meanings of freedom and oppression, so that conversations can take place at school in the classroom, and at home.

Monuments give important, tangible, and permanent reminders to the effort made for the liberation of the people in and around Weert. To help the owners of these monuments in a practical way, the foundation proposes that together we correctly maintain a monument in order to preserve it for the future. The example monuments in Weert include the St. Rumoldus Chapel, the Suffolk Monument, the Halifax Monument, and the Resistance Monument.

The foundation would also like to develop and support any new initiatives and activities and is open to suggestions for how to commemorate from all local and interested parties. And thus pay a lasting tribute from the people in and around Weert to those who fought for our freedom during and after the Second World War and in extremis, gave their lives.

The foundation would like everyone to understand that liberty does not occur naturally and has limitations, we must respect and take each other into account. The concepts of democracy, peace, justice, oppression, discrimination, and human rights are inextricably linked to the concept of freedom.

The foundation decided to organize an adoption plan of each allied war grave in the municipality of Weert. With agreement from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, we aim to provide each grave in Weert, Tungelroy, and Swartbroek for adoption. In addition to the permanent realization for what has happened, the story behind each person who gave his life for our freedom can be researched and be passed on.

After consultation and coordination with all who are involved, village councils and schools, we intend to start this initiative in 2022.

The aims

The aims of the foundation are:

  1. to support and promote initiatives that relate to the commemoration of the National Remembrance Day of May 4, the commemoration of the liberation of Weert of September 22, and all other commemorations that are considered important by the foundation. All initiatives must take into account the guidelines of the National Committee 4 and 5 May and local government.
  2. to support and stimulate initiatives and activities for an appropriate celebration of May 5 as a National Day, that are either directly or indirectly related to the celebrations.
  3. to support and stimulate initiatives that emphasize the importance of freedom and democracy in the Netherlands in general and the municipality of Weert in particular.


In practice, whilst the foundation organizes activities, it has to work in collaboration with a wide range of interested parties, foundations and associations, schools, and social institutions within Weert and the surrounding area.

  1. In cooperation with the Committee for the Liberation and Commemoration of Weert, the National Commemoration of the Fallen is to be held on May 4 and the Liberation of Weert to be commemorated on September 22 both at the Rumoldus Chapel in Weert.
  2. In collaboration with the Committee for Liberation and Commemoration Weert, festivities are organized and promoted for May 5, including a Liberation Concert e.g. at the St. Martinus Church, Weert.
  3. In cooperation with others, we aim to help organize and support initiatives that stimulate a broad educational program consisting of lectures, exhibitions, and performances that relate to May 4th and 5th, and September 22nd.
  4. The war graves in Weert, Swartbroek, and Tungelroy are mainly of British soldiers. The foundation is committed to adopting these graves. In collaboration with the local councils and schools, the foundation will also make and maintain contact with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission under whose management the war graves at Molenpoort Weert, Tungelroy, and Swartbroek fall. As these war graves are British territory, we have to work with British regulations regarding these graves. The foundation has also had contact with other organizations, such as the Dutch War Graves Foundation. We also want to work with the initiators who have drawn our attention to the adoption of war graves in the municipality of Nederweert, the Foundation Adoption Graves Nederweert, and the Weert and Nederweert Departments for Brothers in Arms.
  5. The foundation wants to continue drawing attention to and providing advice on the care and maintenance of the Second World War commemorative monuments in Weert and the surrounding area. The adoption by schools of war memorials is encouraged in line with the ideas of the National Committee on 4 and 5 May.

The foundation

Name: Stichting 4 en 5 mei Weert
Address: Smeetspassage 4, 6001KM, Weert
Dutch Chamber of Commerce number: 68961170
RSIN nummer: 8576 65 856
Bank account number: NL19 RABO 0374 0384 06

Members of the board

The board has five members.
Lex Spee, chairman
Léon Bouwels, secretary
Toine van Laarhoven, treasurer
Bas Pluijmen, board member
Fred Timmermans, board member

The members of the board for the foundation do not receive compensation for their work.


The foundation has no working capital and is dependent on grants and donations for its income. Requests to the municipality of Weert, the province of Limburg and the appropriate funds are called upon to help support their work.

Part of the income can also come from personal gifts and donations. In addition, entrepreneurs and business associations can also contribute funds or gifts to a program or parts of a program.